Pika Co., Ltd. is based on its founding philosophy of "becoming an interface between people, people, people and nature"

We will evolve into "SENCE OF RESORT WIND", a brand that delivers new winds to everyday life.

Therefore, we share the strength, splendor, and enjoyness of nature,

"Recycling of resources" and "environmentally friendly products" are

We are implementing various other environmental conservation initiatives.

<Resource circulation>

Pica Yamanakako is a small herb garden with a difference in height by spiraling the eruptive rocks of Mt. Fuji,
Collecting the rain that has rained on the roof surface of the building in a miso barrel, burying a water pipe in the basement and water coming out of the faucet in the garden "rainwater tank",
In addition, there are many sustainable mechanisms such as "biogeofiler" that naturally purifies wastewater in the field, which circulates energy and natural blessings and re-utilizes them.

Spiral Herb Garden, a small herb garden
Miso barrels to stop the rain

<Environmentally friendly products>

Coconut charcoal, an eco-fuel recycled from palm gara
Original sponge using cellulose
Amenities made from natural materials such as thinned wood and straw
Paper Pack Mineral Water

<Nature maintenance activities>

Paper cups without straws
Heat Pump Chiller