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Corporate philosophy

“It becomes an interface between people and people and people and nature”

Pika Co., Ltd. has a corporate philosophy of "becoming an interface between people and people and people and nature"
We are developing businesses centered on outdoor, food and beverage sales, and amusement.
Through the services we provide, we connect people's thoughts and important times,
We will share the strength, splendor and fun of nature.


Nestled in nature, rooted in the community and providing the best hospitality.
High originality that continues to challenge such work and creates new value
We aim to establish a “PICA style”.

Business List

Mt.Fuji Hokuto area

PICA Fujiyoshida (Accommodation business)
PICA Fuji West Lake (Accommodation business)
PICA Fujiyama (Accommodation and restaurant business)
PICA Lake Yamanaka (Accommodation and restaurant business)
・ Style Cottage
・ Fujiyama Kitchen
・ Fujiyama Garden Works
・ Hammock Cafe

Oshino Shinobi no Sato (Product sales, restaurants, entertainment business)
Gateway Fujiyama Kawaguchiko Station (Product sales / restaurant business)
Gateway Fujiyama Fuji Station (Product sales business)
Fujiyamaya Mt. Fuji Station (Restaurant business)

Gateway Fujiyama Fujikyu Highland Express Bus Stop (Product sales / food business)
・ Highland Resort Hotel Store (product sales business)

Fujiyama Onsen (Product sales, eating and drinking, warm bath business)
Lisa and Gaspard Town Shop (Product sales business)
Forest station Asahigaoka (Product sales / food business)
Yamanashi Prefectural Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center (Designated Management / Exhibition Museum / Restaurant / Product Sales Business)
Shimoyoshida Club (Shimoyoshida Station) (Eating and drinking business)
Kitchen car business (food and beverage business)

Fuji Nanbu area

森の駅 富士山(物販・飲食事業)

Yamanashi Yatsugatake area

PICA Yatsugatake Akeno (Designated management / accommodation business)

Shizuoka Atami area


Kanagawa area


Saitama area

PICA Chichibu (Accommodation, eating and drinking, warm bathing, activity business)
・ Resort Cottage
・ Yu no Yunoyu
・ Forest restaurant

Company Profile

company name

Pika Corporation
(On October 1, 2016, the company name was changed from Fujiyama Quality Co., Ltd.)


取締役社長 柴田 泰

Head office location

2068-1 Saiko, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0332

head office

Q-STA3 floor, 2-5-1, Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi 403-0005, Japan


Ten million

Business description

Outdoor accommodation management and consultancy
Sales of log houses and trailer houses
Design and sales of sundries etc.
Restaurant operation, etc.

Contact window

TEL 0555-30-1077 (General Affairs Department)
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